EDT1303 (week 13) 09/12/15


There are 2 sections for this course. I am in section 1 which is on Fridays. Section 2 classes are on Wednesdays. Last week, Mr Shukri had informed us that he will be off station this Friday. He said we can join the section 2 class on Wednesday if we would like to. Turned out that I was the only “rajin” student among the section 1 girls who showed up in class today. Maybe it’s because I love technology and enjoy IT classes…………

At first, I felt uncomfortable to be in section 2 class because my friends weren’t there. But later on, I started to feel grateful to be there and enjoyed my time. There was very little of teaching and more of just frankly talk by Mr Shukri. And by “frankly” i really mean FRANKLY FRANKLY!



This is what Mr Shukri had planned to teach section 2 in today’s class and he displayed this image on the screen. Before he started his lecture, he advised us that if we’re planning to do our masters, it would better if we work for couple years as an experience. And that was the starting point for his “frankly talk”. He told us how he ended up being an IT lecturer even though his degree was in BENL. He shared his experiences with us. We were being so busy body. Some girls started asking him questions about his personal life too ^.^

Surprisingly he gave so many detailed information about himself and his family. I was just sitting, listening, laughing and enjoying the moment because it was a good feeling to know your lecturer beyond the academic limits.

To me, the best part was when he told us he has TWIN DAUGHTERS!!! I LOVE KIDS! I LOVE TWINS! I WANNA SEE THEM! (T_T)

I’m sure they must be so adorable! OMG I FORGOT TO ASK THEIR NAMES! my heart is crying

So moving on, he turned around at the projector screen and realized that he was carried away way too far from today’s topic XD

Then he explained the above table. In between his explanation, he talked about MOOC too. At the end of the class, he told us to search for MOOC in Malaysia. He said our university has three online courses available. One out of those three courses, Introduction to Digital Photography, is his course he said. I will be taking that course next semester In Shaa Allah 😉

That’s all for today’s class’s review..


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