EDT1303 (week 5) 09/10/15

As soon as our class started, Mr. Shukri asked us all “How many components are there in a PC?”. Everyone gave their own opinions. The correct answer is as below

“PC has 4 components. Those are input, process, output and storage”

Let’s look at those components in a simple diagram


Image 5.1 

After telling us about these components, Mr. Shukri one by one pointed at the students and said out loud the name of one component to each one of us. At first, we all were blank and didn’t understand what was happening. Then he told us to make a short presentation about that particular component we got using Microsoft PowerPoint in 15 minutes. Everyone turned to their PCs and started searching the Internet about their topics. I got the component Output.

Exactly 15 minutes later, Mr. Shukri told us to stop typing and asked if anyone would volunteer to present their PowerPoint slides on the LCD projector. When he said that, I mistakenly understood that he just wanted any random student’s presentation to show to the class but what he actually meant was he wanted that volunteer to come to the front and talk and explain his/her slides. So that misunderstanding made me raise my hand up before he even finished his words. The moment I realized I had to present I got a mini heart attack but it was all good after I kept repeating to myself “It’s okay! These are my classmates! They’re not gonna eat me!”. But still, my voice was shaky while i was reading the slides. When I was done with my presentation, Mr. Shukri said he wants another volunteer from the boys too. One of the guys (which I don’t know his name) came to the front and presented his slides.

Then, sir asked the whole class to voice out their opinions about those two presentations. People started commenting. Some of the comments were like ~

…” sources are directly from the Internet “…

…” too many words in one slide “…

…” it was boring “…

and so on. I agree with all of the comments above. Of course everything is from the Internet because we had only 15 minutes to do the presentation. Who would waste his/her time going to the library, looking for a book and reading it before doing the presentation when he/she is given 15 minutes only?  To cut the long story short, that’s what we did in the first 20 minutes of the class, presentation and discussion. Then Mr. Shukri started his lecture about PowerPoint with a cool slideshow on the LCD screen projector. His very first slide (if I’m not mistaken) had a message that said:

Create PowerFUL PointS

To do that, you need to follow the “4 Principles of Visual Presentation Design”. Those are:

~> Contrast 

~> Repetition

~> Alignment

~> Proximity


Image 5.2

While talking about good presentations, Mr. Shukri asked us if we knew any good speaker or presenter. He then said Steve Jobs is one example. “He was one of the best presenters” said Mr. Shukri


Image 5.3 In case you don’t know who Steve Jobs is

Throughout his lecture, Mr. Shukri kept emphasizing one phrase and eventually it got stuck in my head. He over and over and over said

think visually!

He said “each slide MUST have a point!”. He told us not to add unnecessary slides to our presentations just to increase the number of slides. Because “Less Is More” and also, not to put all the information in one slide since we are allowed to use unlimited number of slides.  Another advice he gave us is to occasionally go blank. In other words, have few blank slides within your presentation. This gives you a full attention of your audiences when you want to talk about some things which are not included in your presentation.

At the end of his slides, Mr Shukri had a list of Do’s and Don’ts for creating a “Powerful Points” Presentation. Here are few of the many that I managed to jot down:


~> use east to read font type

~> choose a color palette and layout

~> choose only key points to highlight

~> choose a simple background


~> use serif fonts

~> use many different fonts

~> underline to highlight

~> use fonts that are smaller than 30 points

~> change color or layout

~> use bullet points (if possible)

Before Mr. Shukri finished his class, he introduced to us the Canva where we can create slide shows just like we do on Microsoft PowerPoint.


To learn more about making a good presentation, he suggested us to look up for this following book



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