EDT 1303 (week 1) 11/09/15

Our first class started with an introduction, of course. I got to know some of my new classmates and my new lecturer, sir Mohd Shukri Nordin. He’s fun and cool. His way of teaching and cooperating with his students are unique. I think everyone in the class, including me, is enjoying his techniques. He makes learning easy and enjoyable.

Now, let’s move on to the main parts of our first class. On our first day, we were introduced to two things. Which are Padlet and Kahoot! 


PicMonkey Collage

What is Padlet?

Padlet is a blank wall. A wall on which users can leave posts such as text, images, videos and links. The user who wants to create a wall on padlet must register first. Then he will be able to make a hidden blank wall with a custom URL. This link later will be shared with the participants so that they can post on the wall. Now, to make everything sound more understandable, let me tell you how we used padlet in our first class.

Our lecturer created an empty wall and displayed the URL address on the LCD projector screen. Since our first class was all about introduction, as i mentioned earlier, we all had to post some basic information about ourselves. Such as our names, ages and anything else that we would like others to know about us. To do that, one just have to click anywhere on the blank wall and a typing bar will appear. One awesome thing to mention here, is that the users who want to leave a post only, do not need to register. They can directly post by just clicking on the wall.

The “owner” of the wall will have all the “power” to rule over the posts on his/her wall. In our case, sir Nordin had the power. Meaning that he was able to choose any background and any layout he wanted. Besides that, he could also edit or delete irrelevant and unnecessary posts to make his wall look more neat  and nice just like in the below image


Enter a caption

Image 2.2 Example of Padlet wall

That’s all I got to say about Padlet. 

For more information, click here.

By the way, Padlet app is available on the App Store for iPad users.

Now, let’s talk about


This was the second tool sir Nordin used to make our class even more fun. On Kahoot! you can create an online MCQ test in a game mode. The topic of the questions can vary according to the will of the one who is creating the game. It can be all about the movie “Frozen” or “Your basic knowledge about IT”, for example. The game may be “played” by up to 1000 “players”. The participants need to have any device or a gadget to join the game. And of course, they need to have an Internet Connection since it’s an online activity.

Each question will have 4 choices of answer and each answer will have its own respective color. The question and the answers will be displayed on the LCD projector screen so that everyone in the room can see it. It will look like this


Image 2.3

As soon as the question is displayed on the screen, the choices of answer will pop up on the students’ gadgets. Which looks like this


Image 2.4

Students must find the correct answer from the screen and tap the corresponding color on their gadgets. But they must keep in mind that their time is limited. Each question has a time of around  5 to 30 seconds with a background music to motivate the players. So, basically, that’s how the game goes.

One important thing to know about Kahoot! is that, you need to not only give the right answer but also give it as fast as possible. Because your score depends on your speed as well. That’s all…

Woot Woot to Kahoot!


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